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Trinidad has one of most diverse populations in the world. It has always attracted people from all over the globe, which is what makes this place so interesting.

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The classic Trinidadian men are undeniably charming and energetic, and can be quite talkative and certainly friendly. They are charismatic, not afraid to speak their minds, have a good sense of humor and have mastered the art of giving the kind of compliments that makes a woman feel desired and special. One of the best things about Trini men is that they are passionate, have a great sense of rhythm, and much love for the music that is a big part of their culture.

But right now, for the time being, I just want to sit on the verandah and watch them gallery deyself.

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  • 5 Reasons I Love ah Good Trini Man.

When I started grad school in Florida, I happened to stumble into a crew of young men spanning the region from the V. We did so much liming, eating, drinking, sharing, helping, laughing and ole talking.

Trinidadian Men

They remain some of the best examples of young Caribbean and West Indian men I have ever encountered beyond my brother, cousins and my few longtime friends. Men from the ghetto and the country with razored edges and tender spots below the surface. As a dark-skinned black woman with natural hair, the Eurocentrism and colourism of desire and desirability is well known to me.

But because I am a Trini with an accent — it ends up affording me some cultural capital because right away the voice says, she is not from here. There are plenty non West Indian black men who are impressed that I am not black American, like that in and of itself is some boon. Then, on the inter-island tip, the expectations and assumptions are also fascinating. Everybody seems to swear all Trinis are always racially mixed in certain predictable ways, even when I am blatantly telling you how I self-identify and what I am not.

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There are plenty up the islands men who what they are really dying for is a quintessential, idealistic Trini girl that is not me. An Indian, a reds, and men will even allude to this and show scant passing interest in you at the same damn time.

The Gab Hub: How to Entice your Trini Man

And maybe never will be. Still, with some West Indian men, when it clicks, it can be a sweet rolling wave with rocky breaks here and there.

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I am simply me with my sometimes awkward Trini black girl self. To you I might sound like yuh ex, yuh auntie or a convent girl even though I am not one.

"The 4 stages of Trini love a must read!!!"

Here and not here. Over thinking a lot. The Trini men I know have managed to put a contemporary spin on old school chivalry. On my recent trip home, I met one of my guy friends standing on the corner outside Coco Lounge. As we waited for our other friends to arrive, he suggested that we walk a short distance up the street to a neighbouring bar.

In Trinidad and Tobago, men who were raised right know that you always put the woman on the inside of you away from traffic and danger. He also walked beside me, instead of ahead of me, let me go first — as we made our way through the crowd of people outside the bar, and was at my side to ensure that I navigated the steps into the bar safely.

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It goes without saying that my drinks were paid for and I never had to remind him of what I was drinking for the rest of the night. As an attractive woman, I grow weary of men voicing pointless compliments and lewd statements. Trini men, however, have mastered the art of giving compliments, and making a woman feel desired just by the way they look at or hold her the respectful ones, that is. If most women loved football with the absolute passion that I do, I would add love of football to the list. No man — regardless of his ethnicity or culture — has a perfect disposition. Still, a good Trini man gets my vote any day.

I must say in the case of numbers 4 and 5 I have had the polar opposite experience. Men in Trinidad have said the most vulgar things to me that I ever heard before, but I noticed you highlighted the respectful ones. I must say, I am African american and everything you mention about a trini man, I have experienced personally…so I will have to agree with you. But there is something different about men who grow up respecting women, their mothers or sisters or anyone, but this depends on their experience growing up. I liked your post.

I am a woman from Europe who just came back from a holiday in Trinidad. I have travelled a lot in general, also to Africa and other places, and I do find that Northern men by which I mean North American, North European have, to a large extent, lost the positive attributes you mention, which have much to do with manners and etiquette in fact.